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Do not hold the three specialties because there are people who love film and television to come to the present. Naxin 1 group: 729312281 Naxin 2 group: 642707823 &nb...


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Three special and you

The website of the three special video studios officially opened on May 4, 2019. It is fortunate that there are such a group of people who love film and television and love to contribute, and have started this website together...

Three special shadow library

During the four years of the three special boutique activities, the three specialties have been continuously precipitated, and continuous improvement has created many excellent works. Adding color to the Hebei Media College. Our wonderful, should be seen by you.


"True Lies"

Story Overview: This film tells a young mother who is tired of life and accidentally gave her child to a dealer. The posterity is under the infection of the innocent attitude of the little girl...



Overview of the story: The film is in the form of a feature film, with Yang's furniture and Yang Lao as the main subject, combining Yang's furniture with Yang Lao's experience, creating the main line, "inheritance" as the secondary line, let...


"Little Jiangnan"

Overview of the story: The pear village that will be demolished has become the home of the wandering. Under the tracking of traffickers, Xiao Yan fled to the middle-aged man who was looking for a lost son. Xiao Yan and the man pick up...